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Maintenance Department

The Maintenance Department provides repair and preventive maintenance services to all ZHA rental housing stock to ensure each home is safe, decent, and sanitary to live in. ZHA stock consists of 200 low rent units and 2 administrative buildings. Repair work is generally initiated based on tenant requests, inspection results, or to renovate a unit as tenants move in and out. A Work Order system is established to address emergency, routine, and non-routine maintenance needs. Seasonal preventative work focuses on wood stove and furnace preparation, air conditioner readiness and yard upkeep, among others. Unit inspections occur at various stages of tenant occupancy to confirm tenants are being responsible for home upkeep and to ensure appliances and fixtures are operating properly. Five (5) Maintenance Technicians respond to all needs including 24-hour coverage after hours and during weekends. 

Click the link below for information

Please use ONLY for non-emergency issues.

Work Order Request Form 

All emergency work orders should be directly called-in to the Maintenance Department during normal business hours. After hours, weekends and holidays please call the Zuni Police Dispatch at (505) 782-4493 or (505) 782-4494. 

For Email, Please Call Our Office

Due to our COVID-19 crisis, Maintenance will only respond to emergency work orders until further notice. This is for the safety of our staff and your family as well.


Per our Maintenance Policy, an Emergency Work Order is related to: fire, gas leaks, water breaks or leaks, sewer backups, lack of heat, electrical outages, safety issues, problems that may be detrimental to tenants and the rental unit. An on-call technician may call you to ensure your service request is an emergency. If it is not, then maintenance will address when this COVID crisis has subsided.  


If a maintenance technician does come to your rental unit, PLEASE practice social distancing and wear a mask. If you or any household member may be positive for the COVID virus or are self-quarantining, please let the technician know this before he enters the unit. As another safety measure, please do not let other friends/family into your rental unit. We all must practice appropriate health and safety techniques during this time. Stay at home – wear a mask outdoors – wash hands often. All these will help slow down and eventually help remove the virus from our community.

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