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Construction Services (CSD)

CSD is responsible for all planning, design and construction of new housing developments, home rehabilitation projects, and other model projects.  This includes but is not limited to site feasibility studies, site clearances (archaeological clearance & environmental reviews), geotechnical evaluations (soil studies); utility commitments, procurement; and contraction administration of architectural & engineering (A&E) services, construction testing services and force account construction.  Home rehabilitation services include projects that are funded Indian Housing Block Grants (IHBG), Indian Community Development Block Grants (ICDBG), and Bureau of Indian Affairs-Housing Improvement Program (BIA-HIP).  CSD works closely with the Occupancy Department to identify relocation units for selected families that are temporarily displaced due to the home rehabilitation construction.

The Construction Services Department Force Account crews consist of skilled carpenters, plumbers and electricians hired from the local community to provide quality workmanship in home rehabilitation services.  The CSD force account crew consists of 43 workers.

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